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Groomstand Site Wide Sale

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Not to be outdone by’s sale, Groomstand is also offering a 10% site wide sale, free personalization and free shipping on orders over $99. Don’t let the recession keep you from good groomsmen gifts! Stay away from the Dollar Store!

  1. Your groomsmen gifts were personal handmade keepsake cards tailored to each of your friends.
    *It’s the thought that counts, right? And the two dollars in material costs.

  2. The closest your bachelor party got to having ‘live entertainment’ was the banter between your friends and a middle-aged woman named Flo working the Sunset lanes bowling alley.
    * As ‘live entertainment’ goes, Flo wasn’t half bad. She out drank half your friends, and you lost five bucks in a bet. Who knew a 100 pound dame could inhale an entire cigarette in one mind-blowing draw?

  3. You refinanced your house – again – to pay for the wedding rings.
    * It seemed like a good idea around this time last year…

  4. You hired your second cousin Luigi’s 80s hair cover band to play at your wedding because he offered to do it for an invitation.
    * The band received its loudest ovation when Luigi fell off the stage and onto his face in one drunken careening spectacle.

  5. Your tux was the same color as the Pink Flamingos that litter the yards of Floridia’s retirement homes. At least it cost half as much as those useless plastic birds.
    * Your tuxedo has more crimps and ruffles than a tutu dress, and you’re sporting so much polyester you begin to feel like an extra on “That 70s Show”.

  6. Your wedding night is booked for a stay at the nearby Motel Six
    * Your Honeymoon suite at Motel 6 comes complete with heart-shaped bathtub and a free continental breakfast. You wake up late the next morning, so you have to fight off a ten year old for the last warm waffle and a creme-filled do-nut.

  7. Your first errand as a married couple, mere hours after being married. Do Pawn Shops accept gifts from newlywed?
    * How much cash for all the toasters?



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