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Take Back Your Wedding from the Recession

Filed Under Weddingstand Coupon Codes | Leave a Comment is having their biggest sale ever, 10% off sitewide, free personalization and free shipping on on orders over $99. It’s big enough that we’ve posted their hilarious list on why you need this sale!

14 Reasons to Save on Your Wedding Now

  1. With all the money you’ll save with our sale, you must might be able to afford that Dior wedding gown. Or at least, the knock off.
  2. You could put the extra cash back into your nest egg. You know — the one you cracked to pay for this shindig.
  3. If you save now, you won’t have to wear that circa 1985 divorcee gown you got from Craigslist. Who cares if you cut off the sleeves? No bride should smell like stale cigarettes on her wedding day.
  4. Instead of a blue tarp, you can afford a real white tent for your garden-themed nuptials.
  5. Giving out single Altoids as wedding favors isn’t OK.
  6. If your wedding takes place at the garbage dump because it was the only “venue,” you could afford. (Ignore the German Shepard. He only bites sometimes).
  7. Instead of having guests whistle your ceremonial music, you’ll be able to afford real entertainment.
  8. Now you won’t have to give your bridesmaids homemade coupon books as bridesmaid gifts.
  9. You and the groom can stay someplace other than that seedy motel, which was once featured on a Dateline special, titled “What Lies in Your Bed.” Leave the blacklight at home on your wedding night.
  10. You were considering getting married in a sandbox instead of on a real beach.
  11. Weddings can never be shabby chic.
  12. You can’t pass off that bubble-gum-pink prom dress as a wedding gown.
  13. Carnations don’t belong in a wedding bouquet.
  14. The words “Drive Through,” and wedding don’t belong together.



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